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Your One Stop Shop for 8HP & DCT Swap Parts
Your One Stop Shop for 8HP & DCT Swap Parts

1967-72 Chevy Truck PRO-TECH CHASSIS

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Pro-Tech Chassis

1963-1966 C-10 1967-1972 C-10 1973-1987 C-1500

1961-72 Ford, 1973-1979 Ford

No Limit Pro-Tech Chassis will deliver the best in handling, ride quality, and performance for your classic hauler. Each Chassis is custom built to your specifications. These chassis include our famous No Limit Wide Ride IFS (which includes a power rack) with a 61 ½” track width and our proven No Limit Fat Bar 4-Link for the rear, which is a H.D. 9” Ford with 31 Spline Axles. The main chassis platform is 2x6x.120 wall rails, with a stout 2x6x.188 wall x-member. Exhaust porting and a drive shaft loop is standard. The formed front and rear rail sections are 2x6 blended down to 2x4x.188 wall. Truss style engine mounts for SBC, BBC, and LS are standard. The Trans mounts are adjustable and can accept anything from a powerglide to a T-56 6 speed. (Aftermarket overdrive units will not fit)

Base Chassis includes the frame, cab, bed and bumper mounts, complete Wide Ride IFS front, and Fatbar rear suspension with billet coilovers. Moser H.D. housing and 31 spline axles. Rear Ford Explorer Brakes, Brake line plumbing (High Nickel Steel). Motor Adapter Plates, Motor Poly Mounts, Trans Poly Mount and Rack & Pinion Fittings.

Standard Rail Chassis-We build these frame rails to closely match the profile of the stock chassis. this makes the build process very easy. there are no body or bed modifications needed. The body will fit using OE or upgraded aftermarket body mounts, all in stock locations. These chassis usually have a ride height of 8" to 10" at the bottom of the rocker or running board.

Raised Rail Chassis-If you want it LOW, this is it. But, cool comes with a price. These chassis still use OE style body mounts but the bed floor (inside the box) must be raised 4" to 5" to clear the higher frame rails. Also, there may be a little trans tunnel work required, depending on the transmission used. We include all body and bed mounts to help make it easier. These chassis usually have a ride height of 5" to 6" at the bottom of the rocker or running board.

Coil-Over Shocks-You have a choice of Ride tech single adjustable or Viking double adjustable coil-over shocks with the base chassis. Which shock you want depends on how you plan on driving your truck.

Ride Tech-Single Adjustable (rebound only). These are a great shock, with excellent response and very precise handling. Think Corvette. If you're a corner carver, this is it.

Viking-Double Adjustable (rebound and compression). Great ride and handling. Compression side adjustment may allow for a better Drag launch. Great for a cruiser as well as some spirited track time.

Air Ride Chassis-So you want to go REALLY LOW? We can do air ride two ways 1-Firestone Air Bag and Viking Shocks 2-Ride Tech Shockwaves- or a combination of the two. You will want to call in and talk to us for this. Air Ride is very smooth and can also be set up to handle great. From the spec ride height, air ride systems can drop 4" to 5" when parked. We will not build a chassis to hit the ground. We try to limit the drop to 1" of ground clearance for safety. Remember, you will need an onboard compressor and control for this type of suspension. Air Ride is usually done on Raised Rail chassis, but can be fitted to any of our chassis.

Brakes-Our base chassis now included front and rear disc brakes, as well as brake line plumbing on the chassis. The base brake system is no slouch 12" drilled and slotted front rotors with a monster 2.938" floating GM caliper. The rear is a clone of the Ford Explorer 11.4" disc brake assemble, designed for big bearing 9" Ford rear axles. This also includes an internal Emergency brake. This is a well-balanced great stopping system. But if you want bigger flashier brakes, choose from one of our packages, depending on bolt patter and axle type.

Rear Axles-We offer three basic variation. Two solid axle styles and an IRS. There are a lot of options

Our standard axle is a heavy duty stamped housing with Big Bearing ends and 31 spline axles. These can also be built with fabbed housings, added back brace, and a choice of 33,35, or 40 spline axles depending on the horse power level. Some may be better for cruisers and drag racers.

Floater Axles-Floating axles may be new to you, but not to the performance world. Using a floater hub (the hub and bearings are on the outer axle tube) the corner forces are kept on the housing tube, leaving the axles shaft to only deal with acceleration forces. While we can beef them up with fabbed housings and back braces. Floaters are limited to 31 axles. Floaters roll easier, with less drag and can easily take 850 HP with street tires. Autocrossers, Track day Warriors and Canyon Carvers, this is for you.

I.R.S.-this is the IRS the you will love. The ultimate in ride and handling. This will take your build to the next level. We use an aluminum carrier housing for a Ford 9" 35 spline gear set. Porche 934 style CV's with 33 spline inner shafts and Corvette c& outter hubs. Custom arms and stainless links round out the ultimate package. Rear splined sway bar is included. *This is a Raised Rail Chassis and the bed floor must be raised.

Sway Bars-Our base chassis all include a formed 1 1/4" front sway bar. these have an appx. 380lb bar rate. They are considered non-adjustable. *Pro Tech Raised Rail chassis are forced to upgrade to a splined front bar due to the chassis design. *We also offer splined front and rear bars as upgrades. Front bars can be 1 1/4" -48 spline, appx 445 lb bar rate or 1 3/4"-49 spline with appx 1140lb bar rate. Both are adjustable. The 1 1/4" bar is great all around choice. Hard core autocross and road course drivers will want to step up to the Big Bar. Rear bars are 3/4" solid bars with aluminum splined arms. this is plenty, any more than this will make the truck too loose.

Plumbing-brake line plumbing is standard on all chassis. All of the hard line plumbing is done. We now offer flex hoses, custom fit to each chassis build and including the connection hardware. Fuel Line plumbing is an option. Base hard lines are 3/8" or #6 in size. We can also do 1/2" #8 and 5/8" #10 in aluminum hard lines. Also available are premade stainless steel flex hoses from the tank to the hardline bulkheads. You may want to think about adding these.

Clutch-For you shifty guys, we can help. Pro Tech chassis these are firewall mount. For 67-72 C-10, we have a firewall mount plate that is designed to work with a 9" dual diaphragm booster and use the stock clutch pedal and a wilwood clutch master. this kit includes the pedal push rod and hardware. We are working on packages for other years and models.

If using LS Motor use Holley 302-2 oil pan* LT Motor uses 302-20 Holley Oil Pan


Custom fitted Ultimate Headers, SBC, LSX, LT and Coyote from $1595.00

-Will fit up to 10” wide front wheel with a 295 tire
-12” wide rear wheel with a 345 tire- will fit with wider wheel tubs

*** wheels on the chassis are Boyd HR22 front 18x10 and rear 18x12***

***Tires sizes front 285x35x18 Rear 315x30x18****



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